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Negotiations Update


The SUNY Policies have been updated. For the latest version CLICK HERE

The 2011-2016 UUP/NYS Collective Bargaining Agreement is available online. To reference the
contract CLICK HERE

UUP is in the process of generating and distributing Hardcopy CBA booklets which will be available soon.

For highlights of the tentative Agreement CLICK HERE

To view the 2011-2016 Contract Q & A (last updated July 11, 2013)  CLICK HERE

The DATES when CONTRACTED PAY RAISES will be in your paycheck have been announced. CLICK HERE

For information about the Deficit Reduction Program (DRP) and changes to Empire Plan Health Insurance Premiums   CLICK HERE

NEW DHMO Delta Dental Option for more information CLICK HERE Or Call the UUP Benefit Trust Fund at
1 800-UUP-FUND

Flexible Spending Account
The 2011-2016 Agreement between UUP and New York State provides provisions for funding Flexible Spending Account programs. The 2015 open enrollment period for the Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) and theDependent Care Advantage Account (DCAA) programs is Nov. 7, 2014.
State Employees may apply online by visiting the Web Site CLICK HERE

Because of the Deficit Reduction Program imposed on NYS public sector workers by our governor and NYS legislators, your take home pay will be smaller for a while. If you are having trouble meeting your financial obligations, you may want to speak with staff at NYS Work Life Program CLICK HERE or NYS Balance CLICK HERE
(Login:nys Password:balance all lower case)

Upcoming Events

October 2014
10/01   A Taste of Diversity Luncheon by UUP Affirmative Action Committee for details CLICK HERE
10/07   3:00pm Legislative Forum at SUNY Farmingdale in the Little Theater
10/08   Dr. Nuala McGann Drescher Leave Program Application Deadline for Spring 2015
10/09   GO PINK DAY - wear PINK - Purchase a PINK flamingo - Contact Linda Billy
10/09   LI UUP Retiree Luncheon Meeting at the SB Hilton
10/09   NOON UUP General Membership Meeting for Professionals (Galleria HSC L3)
10/09   3:00p UUP General Membership Meeting for Academics (Atkins Center HSC L4)
10/17-18   DA Desmond Albany
10/21   Chapter Executive Board Meeting
10/25   Halloween Party
10/26   Walk (or Run) for Beauty in Stony Brook Village - for Info CLICK HERE
10/29   Pre Retirement Workshop (Hospital) for details CLICK HERE
10/30   Pre Retirement Workshop (Tech Park BLdg 31) for details CLICK HERE
November 2014
11/01   Individual Development Award Application Period begins
11/04   Election Day
11/05   Indoor Air Quality Workshop for info CLICK HERE
11/11   Veteran's Day
11/18   Chapter Executive Board Meeting
11/25   2:00am to 4:00am UUP Coffee in the Cafeteria for overnight staff
11/27   Thanksgiving
December 2014
12/02   Tech Park Winter Chapter Membership Meeting (Lunch)
12/03   Hosp/HSC Winter Chapter Membership Meeting (Breakfast)
12/03   Hosp/HSC Winter Chapter Membership Meeting (Dinner)
12/08   Flowerfield Winter Chapter Membership Meeting (Lunch)
12/09   ASC/ACP Winter Chapter Membership Meeting (Lunch)
12/10   LISVH Winter Chapter Membership Meeting (Lunch)
12/11   Dental School Winter Chapter Membership Meeting (Lunch)
12/27   LIRR trip to NYC- For information CLICK HERE To Register CLICK HERE
January 2015
01/01   Vacation days Reset to 40
01/02   One vacation day is added to the accrual balance of all employees who accrue vacation leave
01/19   Martin Luther King Holiday
01/20   Chapter Executive Board Meeting
01/25-26   Winter 2015 DA Albany (this is a SUN MON meeting)
01/27   Professional Workshop - Workload Creep (watch for flyers)
February 2015
02/16   President's Day
02/17   Chapter Executive Board Meeting
02/18   LAST DAY Chapter Offices will receive Individual Development Award Applications

Chapter News

NEWs regarding Individual Development Awards (IDA aka PDA)

Awards can be granted for professional development activities occurring only within the period JULY 2, 2014 thru JULY 1, 2015. Applications for activities occurring in any other period will not be considered. The application deadline for submitting an Individual Development Awards to the SB HSC Chapter office is FEBRUARY 18, 2015.

VACATION DAY LIMIT set back to 40 days for year ending 2014

Sharon Hines

Please welcome our new Chapter Assistant Valerie Goldman.

Valerie was selected from a large pool of capable applicants. She has been a wonderful addition to our office. She is organized and efficient and she has certainly helped the office run smoothly. Valerie joined our chapter in April 2014. If you haven't already met Valerie, please stop in and say hi.

For 2013 SB HSC Chapter Election RESULTS CLICK HERE

2015-2017 Chapter Elections Calendar is available HERE
If you plan to run in 2015 for a position as UUP chapter delegate and/or UUP chapter officer, please be sure to familiarize yourself with this 2015-2017election calendar.

Chapter Bylaws
The Bylaws Committee will continue their work. Our chapter bylaws need to be updated to be in line with the UUP statewide constitution. Please watch for announcements regarding the bylaws.

The 1990 Bylaws can be accessed HERE

The 2012 Proposed Bylaws can be accessed HERE

Smoking Policy Update
To view the Smoking Policy CLICK HERE

Statewide News

EDISON BOND plans to step down as MDO
Our Statewide UUP Membership Development Officer, Edison Bond, Jr., will be stepping down as MDO. We thank Edison for all the good work he has done for UUP - as Chapter Vice President, As Executive Board member, as a member of the Negotiations Team and as MDO. We will miss him and wish him all the very best.

Our UUP Constitution requires us to hold an election at the Winter 2015 DA (January 25-26, 2015) to fill the office of Membership Development Officer for the remainder of the term, which is through May 31, 2015. An election for MDO for 2015-2017 will be held at the 2015 Spring DA (April 17-18, 2015).
Candidates for this position who wish their candidate's statement to be published in The Voice and to appear on the UUP website must follow the policy outlined HERE

2014 Nina Mitchell Award for Distinguished Service
The 2014 Nina Mitchell Award for Distinguished Service has been awarded to Ed Drummond and Jeanne Galbraith, both retired from SB HSC Chapter, and Candy Merbler retired from SUNY Albany Chapter. An article in the September/October 2014 issue of the Voice highlights their achievement and service to UUP. To read the article CLICK HERE

The 2014 summer issue of The Voice is an "online only" issue accessible HERE

UUP's Communications Department is working on an new online format for The Voice. In the coming months we will publish additional "online only" editions in a new format to supplement the hard copy issues that are mailed to members' homes. We are moving toward a mix of hard copy and online issues in order to cut costs and accommodate member suggestions for more easily readable and accessible online editions.

Past issues of The Voice are available online on the UUP home page

AFT Convention Results July 13
Randi Weingarten was re-elected to her fourth two-year term as the federation’s president at the AFT Convention. UUP President Fred Kowal and NYSUT President Karen Magee were elected as AFT vice presidents for the first time at the convention in Los Angeles.

AFT Convention News
Many UUP delegates from across the state attended the AFT Convention in LA July 17 thru 22. Two important resolutions pertaining to contingent employees were passed at the AFT Convention. They are the "Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program Eligibility for Part-Time Faculty" resolution submitted by UUP and the "Ending the Exploitation of and the Reliance on a Contingent Academic Labor System in Higher Education" resolution submitted by AFT's Executive Council.
These two resolutions, plus the "edTPA" resolution submitted by UUP and PSC, were selected as the top three resolutions from the Higher Education Committee. They can be viewed at CLICK HERE

Thanks to our UUP delegates who spoke to these resolutions during the Higher Education Committee meeting at the Convention and a special thanks to UUP Executive Board member Anne Wiegard for delivering strong and informative statements on the convention floor in support of both contingent employee resolutions.

edTPA is a new student teacher performance assessment that is impacting our students, colleagues, and teacher preparation programs across SUNY and the state.   To learn more about edTPA CLICK HERE

UUP DA Election results May 3, 2014
Delegates overwhelmingly supported their leadership team by re-electing all incumbent officers and board members to their statewide posts for another two-year term. Re-elected without opposition were VP for Academics Jamie Dangler, VP for Professionals Philippe Abraham, and Treasurer Rowena Blackman-Stroud.
Unopposed for re-election to the board were Mike Lyon of Upstate Medical University and Carolyn Kube of Stony Brook HSC. Incumbents Ray Gleason of Alfred and Idalia Torres of Fredonia held off challenges to retain their board seats. Gleason defeated Todd Bates of Canton; Torres beat Tom Hoey of Albany and Bates. Ezra Zubrow of Buffalo Center was elected for the first time since 2007-2008; he defeated Joe Petrick of Alfred.

NYSUT RA Election results April 5, 2014
Karen Magee, the union’s first woman president, was elected by NYSUT delegates at the 2014 Representative Assembly, April 4-6 in New York City.
RA delegates also re-elected Executive Vice President Andrew Pallotta and voted for three new leaders—vice presidents Catalina Fortino and Paul Pecorale, and Secretary-Treasurer Martin Messner.

UUP President, Fred Kowal and three other UUPers—VP for Academics Jamie Dangler, Treasurer Rowena Blackman-Stroud (who was re-elected), and Tom Tucker, Buffalo Center Chapter president and Outreach Committee co-chair—were elected to the NYSUT Board of Directors.

Political Action

This week UUP joined other NYSUT members on the steps of the SED to express their concern over the privatization of public education. Read more HERE

Watch UUP's ad advocating for SUNY CLICK HERE

Consider calling 1-888-866-256 to remind your state legislators to fund SUNY campuses and hospitals.
When you call from your cell phone, you will hear a pre-recorded message from Fred Kowal. You will be asked to key in your ZIP code and you will be automatically directed you to your senator or Assembly member.

In the next couple of weeks the legislature and the governor will be finalizing SUNY's budget. Add your voice to the push to get the funding we need for SUNY!

Everything that happens at SUNY Stony Brook is decided by the NYS legislators and the governor. Your involvement in the political process influences our elected officials. Make your voice heard.

An Update from Fred Kowal, UUP President

The New York State Senate and Assembly have concluded the 2014 legislative session. Throughout the process we were successful in advancing a number of our priorities. One such priority was the Public Higher Education Quality Initiative Endowment. This was the first year that NYSUT, and its affiliates, pushed for the creation of an endowment. This issue quickly gained traction and was even considered during the budget process. During this legislative session we were able to reach a conceptual agreement on the proposed language with SUNY. By the end of session, an endowment bill was introduced by the higher education committee chairs in both houses of the Legislature.

In addition to the endowment, I am pleased to report that the advocacy efforts of UUP and its coalitions achieved the following throughout the 2014 legislation session
(to view the End-Of-Session Summary CLICK HERE):

● Passage of a bill that will allow all public employees who served in the military to receive pension credit for    military service regardless of when they served.
● Increased the legislative and gubernatorial support for the DREAM Act, which passed the Assembly.
● Increased the SUNY Hospital State Subsidy.
● Increased the maximum TAP award for college students by $165.
● Increased the funding for the Educational Opportunity Program and ATTAIN Labs.
● Movement of the FOIL bill out of the Senate and Assembly Governmental Operations Committees. In prior    years this bill failed to advance out of these committees.
● Defeated damaging language that would have opened the door for the privatization of SUNY’s hospitals.
● Defeated a budget proposal that would have increased out-of-pocket healthcare costs to certain retirees    and would have diminished health care benefits.
● Averted action that would have resulted in the creation of a firewall between the individual accounts of the    SUNY hospital systems.
● Averted action that would have resulted in the SUNY trustees identifying baccalaureate degree programs    that could be offered exclusively online at reduced rates and credits, creating the Accelerated Proficiency    Degree.
● Averted language that would have permitted the SUNY chancellor to convene a task force to examine ways    in which the university centers at Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo, and Stony Brook could be made more    autonomous.

In Solidarity,

What about Southampton Hospital?
Have you heard that STONY BROOK MEDICINE and SOUTHAMPTON HOSPITAL have taken a major step toward a stronger partnership? CLICK HERE to read more about these plans.

Do you know what is happening at SUNY Downstate Medical Center?
Read the MRT Workgroup Proposal and why UUP opposes the Proposal at

For more information about what's going on at Brooklyn Downstate Medical CLICK HERE

It's easy to contact your legislators!Let your legislators know you oppose the closing of SUNY Downstate Medical Center CLICK HERE
Let your legislators know you want to continue to fund the HCOP Programs CLICK HERE

Want to hear more Local LABOR News?

Listen to Labor Lines online at
and listen to UCOMMM Radio online at
and listen to WAMC Northeast Public Radio CLICK HERE



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