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Negotiations Update

 The 2011-2016 Agreement between the State of New York and United University Professions expires July 1, 2016. UUP’s extensive preparations to negotiate the successor contract are in progress. To read about the negotiation process and see a list of the TEAM members CLICK HERE. Members of the Negotiations TEAM visited all UUP Chapters during the statewide listening tour this past Fall. Sensitive to our 24x7 operation, the Team made 3 visits to our SB HSC Chapter at times convenient to our members’ schedules; Wed 9/2 at 12:30pm, Wed 9/16 at 5:15pm, and Thurs, 9/24 at 7:00AM. At these meetings, the team explained the process, listened to comments, responded to questions, and encouraged our members to become part of the process by completing and submitting their needs/wants/wishes via the suggestion forms found on the UUP WEBSITE. The Negotiations TEAM, the Negotiations Committee, and the Negotiations Ad Hoc Committee are working to analyze and summarize the information gathered thus far from all member input to develop a comprehensive contract proposal.

The SUNY Policies have been updated. For the latest version CLICK HERE

The 2011-2016 UUP/NYS Collective Bargaining Agreement is available online. To reference the
contract CLICK HERE

For highlights of the tentative Agreement CLICK HERE

To view the 2011-2016 Contract Q & A (last updated July 11, 2013)  CLICK HERE

The DATES when CONTRACTED PAY RAISES will be in your paycheck have been announced. CLICK HERE

For information about the Deficit Reduction Program (DRP) and changes to Empire Plan Health Insurance Premiums   CLICK HERE

2015 Flex Spending Account Claims Deadline Approaching

Employees enrolled in the Flex Spending Account (FSA) for the 2015 plan year have until March 31, 2016, to send in reimbursement requests for eligible 2015 expenses incurred under the Health Care Spending Account and the Dependent Care Advantage Account.

FSA reimbursement requests may be mailed, faxed or submitted online through

For more information, log on to or call 1-800-358-7202.

NEW DHMO Delta Dental Option for more information CLICK HERE

Enhanced DAVIS VISION BENEFIT is available. For more information CLICK HERE

For more information on these or any benefit, call the UUP Benefit Trust Fund at 1 800-UUP-FUND

To speak with staff at NYS Work Life Program CLICK HERE or NYS Balance CLICK HERE

Upcoming Events

July 2016
07/04   4th of July Holiday
07/16   4p Celtic Quest Fishing Trip - Port Jefferson CANCELLED
07/17-21   AFT Convention Minneapolis, MN
07/26   7p Outdoor MOVIE LaValle Stadium
August 2016
08/06   LIRR Trip from Ronkonkoma to NY PENN
08/xx   UUP Mr. Softee Ice Cream Treats at various outside locations
08/31   UUP BBQ at Hospital/HSC Patio
September 2016
09/05   Labor Day
09/10   Labor Day Parade NYC
09/30   DA Albany (day1)
October 2016
10/01   DA Albany (day 2)
10/10   Columbus Day
10/xx   Respectful Communication Workshop
10/25   Flavors of Hispanic Culture RSVP
10/27-29   CAP Meeting
November 2016
11/08   Election Day
11/xx   A Taste of India - Dwalia Celebration
11/11   Veteran's Day
11/24   Thanksgiving
December 2016
12/xx   Winter UUP Memership Meetings
12/24   Chanukah begins
12/25   Christmas

Chapter News


Deficit Reduction Program NEWS
If you were employed as a UUP bargaining unit member at SUNY between September 1, 2013 and June 30, 2015 and are still on payroll, the repayment of Deficit Reduction Program withholding deducted during that period will begin on June 01, 2016 and continue for 39 pay periods.

The DRP will be repaid in equal amounts. Because of the lag payroll the first repayment will be noticed in the June 29 paycheck. If you are on a 21 pay period cycle you will begin seeing the repayment in September. If you separate from State service before the end of the repayment period you will receive the remaining amount owed in one lump.

The Deficit Reduction Program repayment is pensionable but is not included in the calculation of overtime.
These monies are taxable income and are subject to all employment taxes and income taxes.
Under the state's Deficit Reduction Program for UUP, employees will be repaid the money owned to them, up to a total of seven (7) days' pay.

For the  2015 SB HSC UUP Chapter Election results CLICK HERE

For a complete list of all 2015 UUP chapter election results CLICK HERE

2015-2017 Chapter Elections Calendar is available HERE

In the regular 2015 chapter elections, no candidate for Chapter Officer for Contingents received 50% of the votes cast for that office, so a run-off election was held between the 2 candidates receiving the most votes. Voting in the runoff election closed JUNE 10, 2015.

Nancy Balkon has won the run-off election. She has been elected to a two year term effective immediately as Officer for Contingents for the SB HSC Chapter of UUP. Congratulations Nancy!!

For the complete SB HSC run-off election results CLICK HERE

NEWs regarding Individual Development Awards (IDA aka PDA)

Awards can be granted for professional development activities occurring only within the period JULY 2, 2015 thru JULY 1, 2016. Applications for activities occurring in any other period will not be considered. The application deadline for submitting an Individual Development Awards to the SB HSC Chapter office is FEBRUARY 10, 2016. CLICK HERE for more details

Campus Camps had run a summer camp program at SBU for many years. They were unable to continue at SBU this summer, BUT they have been able to rent space on the Oakdale campus of St. John’s University and will run a very similar program at this new location. They are offering a discount to ALL Stony Brook Faculty/Staff/Alumni/Students and will be providing transportation to and from Stony Brook. For more information about the program CLICK HERE

The Coalition of Active Retired Members (COARM) LI Regional Meeting
Are you a retired UUP member? Consider attending The next LI Regional COARM Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, May 17, 2016 at the Stony Brook Hilton Hotel. Contact the chapter office for details.

For 2013 SB HSC Chapter Election RESULTS CLICK HERE

Chapter Bylaws
The Bylaws Committee will continue their work. Our chapter bylaws need to be updated to be in line with the UUP statewide constitution. Please watch for announcements regarding the bylaws.

The 1990 Bylaws can be accessed HERE

The 2012 Proposed Bylaws can be accessed HERE

Smoking Policy Update
To view the Smoking Policy CLICK HERE

Statewide News

Membership Development Officer (MDO) elected to complete the Term of Edison Bond.
Our Statewide UUP Membership Development Officer, Artie Shertzer, stepped down as MDO effective Oct 31, 2015. The UUP Constitution requires that an election be held to fill the office of MDO for the remainder of the term, which is through May 31, 2017. Michael Lyons of SUNY Upstate medical was appointed to fill the position until this election could be held. At the Winter 2016 DA (January 30-Feb 1, 2016) an election for MDO was conducted. Candidates for the position were Eric Russell, a retiree from SUNY Downstate and Tom Hoey of SUNY Albany. Tom Hoey was elected MDO and will fill the remainder of Artie’s term ending May 31, 2017. Tom’s election created a vacany on the Statewide Executive Board. Jeriluanne O’Bryan-Losee, the Morrisville Chapter’s vice president for professionals, was the only candidate for the board seat; she was elected by acclimation. O’Bryan-Losee will fill the remainder of Hoey’s two-year Executive Board term; Hoey was re-elected to the board in April 2015.

Did you know that back issues of the VOICE and the ECHO are available online at www.UUPINFO.ORG?

Are you aware of Joint UUP/NYS Labor Management Grants (JLM)? Money is available to support your work. To find out about these opportunities CLICK HERE

edTPA is a new student teacher performance assessment that is impacting our students, colleagues, and teacher preparation programs across SUNY and the state.   To learn more about edTPA CLICK HERE

Affiliate News

UUPers attend the AFT Convention in Minneapolis, MN
For some convention highlights CLICK HERE
For more photos CLICK HERE

Description: Member Action Center (MAC ) is available to all UUP members along with the use of the web portal to send emails and electronic letters to state officials advocating for our initiatives. Delegates can also sign up for NYSUT email blasts by texting 38470 with the message NYSUT.
For more information on NYSUT MAC CLICK HERE

Description: NYSUT As a member of UUP you are also a member of the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) with all the rights and benefits of membership. For a summary of NYSUT benefits CLICK HERE

NYSUT 43rd annual Representative Assembly (RA) is taking place May 1-2, 2015, at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center in Buffalo. The RA is your opportunity to directly affect the policies of NYSUT. The direction and continued democracy of NYSUT depend on your participation. UUp is a very strong local within NYSUT and as such will send your elected NYSUT representatives to this convention to participate in the business of this union and to insure that higher ed and health care are issues represented.

Description: LEAD Institute The Leadership Education Action Development Institute (LEAD) is offering a new series of online workshops for UUP leaders, prospective leaders and members interested in getting more involved with the union. The 60-minute workshops, developed by NYSUT, are set to debut in February. They are free and available 24 hours a day. To register CLICK HERE     
Some of the themes to be covered in the online courses are contract enforcement, member engagement, and professional and union leadership development. For more information and to view the course offerings, CLICK HERE

Description: American Federation of Teachers logoAs a member of UUP you are also a member of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) with all the rights and benefits of membership. For a summary of AFT benefits CLICK HERE

New NYSUT Membership Cards will be mailed soon. Sharon Hines

As a member of UUP you are also a member of NYSUT. You will receive your new NYSUT membership card by mail at your home address shortly. These valuable cards come with a new feature this year: a miniature version for a key ring that lets members conveniently access benefits and discounts, as well as streamlined check in to local and statewide union events.

Be on the lookout for your new card. You will also receive material outlining the details of the growing array of NYSUT Member Benefits along with a brief guide to "what membership means to you".

Political Action

  A Narrow Escape for Public-Sector Unions.   The Supreme Count Justices split 4-4 in Friedrichs v. CTA,   leaving a pro-union ruling in the lower courts intact. For more Information CLICK HERE

Everything that happens at SUNY Stony Brook is decided by the NYS legislators and the governor. Your involvement in the political process influences our elected officials. Make your voice heard.

is embarking on an ambitious post-budget advocacy program. UUP's post-budget legislative priorities include bills that support a true Maintenance of Effort, transparency, and a public higher education endowment. We need your help to protect and enhance public higher education and health care and employee rights in New York!

Two important  Advocacy Days this March 2016 . To participate, REGISTER HERE

CLICK HERE to send an e-letter to tell the NYS Legislators and the governor now that we urge them to protect retirees by opposing harmful proposals in the governor’s 2016-17 Executive Budget.

The letter calls on lawmakers to reject the governor’s proposal to tier state contributions to retiree health insurance premiums for civilian employees who retire as of Oct. 1, 2016. The tiers would be based on an employee’s years of service—and would significantly impact employees with less than 30 years of service.

The letter opposes a monthly $104.90 cap on state reimbursement of Medicare Part B premiums to retirees who maintain health coverage through NYSHIP, as well as a plan to end state reimbursement of increased Medicare Part B costs for higher-income retirees under IRMMA.

The letter also asks legislators to consider supporting these initiatives:

● Provide income security for retirees by increasing the maximum earning allowance for public employees from $30,000 to $35,000. That would help ensure income security for all public retirees.
● Allow a pension credit for all veterans. All military personnel should receive retirement service credit in New York’s public retirement systems, regardless of conflict or peacetime service.
● To allow retirees to make automatic, voluntary contributions from their Optional Retirement Program accounts to union political action committees.

UUP Advocates for SUNY
Watch UUP's ad advocating for SUNY CLICK HERE

What about Southampton Hospital?
Have you heard that STONY BROOK MEDICINE and SOUTHAMPTON HOSPITAL have taken a major step toward a stronger partnership? CLICK HERE to read more about these plans.

Do you know what is happening at SUNY Downstate Medical Center?
Read the MRT Workgroup Proposal and why UUP opposes the Proposal at

For more information about what's going on at Brooklyn Downstate Medical CLICK HERE

It's easy to contact your legislators!Let your legislators know you oppose the closing of SUNY Downstate Medical Center CLICK HERE
Let your legislators know you want to continue to fund the HCOP Programs CLICK HERE

Want to hear more Local LABOR News?

Listen to Labor Lines online at
and listen to UCOMMM Radio online at
and listen to WAMC Northeast Public Radio CLICK HERE



The JUNE 2016 edition of our SB HSC UUP Chapter newsletter is available CLICK HERE

Did you know that all of our Chapter newsletters have been archived and are available on the SUNY digital repository (aka SUNY DSpace)?
To read all the back issues from 1978 to the present, go to: